Science Fair

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  • 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


Students of Class VI to Class X are preparing themselves for the upcoming science fair which will be held on 2nd March, 2017.
Science fair of primary section will be held on 30th March.

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International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day has been observed annually since 2000 to promote peace and multilingualism around the world and to protect all mother languages. It is observed on February 21 to recognize the 1952 Bengali Language Movement in Bangladesh. The day was proclaimed by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November 1999 (30C/62). In its resolution A/RES/61/266, the United Nations General Assembly called on its member states "to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by people of the world" on 16 May 2009. In the resolution, the General Assembly proclaimed 2008 as the International Year of Languages to promote unity in diversity and international understanding through multilingualism and multiculturalism. The resolution was suggested by Rafiqul Islam, a Bengali living in Vancouver, Canada. He wrote a letter to Kofi Annan on 9 January 1998 asking him to take a step to saving the world's languages from extinction by declaring an International Mother Language Day. Rafiq proposed the date as 21 February to commemorate the 1952 killings in Dhaka during the Language Movement. Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. All moves to promote the dissemination of mother tongues will serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education but also to develop fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue. — From the United Nations International Mother Language Day

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JSC & PECE Result -2016 in Pathantula Campus

JSC Result - 2016 in Pathantula Campus  100% Pass with 100% GPA - 5.00 Golden A+ : 27 PECE Result -2016 in Pathantula Campus 100% Pass with 46 GPA- 5.00

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Prize giving ceremony of Annual Sports-2014 of Scholarshome Pathantula Campus helds on 16th February 2014 in the college auditorium. Students of Secondary & college section are going to get the prizes on that day.

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