Exams 2016


Tentative Dates

Results (Tentative dates)

First Term Exam  of Class I-V

18th  April, Monday – 28th  April, Thursday

19th  May, Thursday

Second Term Exam of Class I-V

21st August, Sunday  -- 31st August, Wednesday

7th  September, Wednesday

Half Yearly Exam of KG I & KG II

1st June, Wednesday  ---  6th  June, Monday

13th  July, Wednesday

Model Test  of  Class V

1st  October, Saturday - 6th  October, Thursday

20th  October, Thursday

School Final  Exam of Class V

1st  November, Thursday – 8th  November, Tuesday

17th  November, Thursday

Annual Exam of Class I-V

1st  December, Thursday - 11th  December, Sunday

28th  December, Wednesday

Annual Exam of PG – KG II

1st  December, Thursday – 6th  December, Tuesday

28th  December, Wednesday