Parent-Teacher meeting is essential to monitor the progress or lack of progress of a student. We note with serious concern that some parents did not /could not attend the meeting.

Our observations for students’ failure are the following major reasons:

o      Poor attendance: (excepting for the medical reason a fine of Tk. 100/- per day’s absence will be imposed henceforth. Absentees will be asked to learn their missed lessons after their return during the break time)

o      Addiction to the TV/Satellite programmes some of which are not at all helpful.

o      Use of mobile phone particularly during study hours.

o      Addiction to computer games during homework hours.

At Scholarshome we will ensure that all students pass in all the subjects at all the time.

However, parental support in achieving this objective is absolutely essential. We will appreciate your co-operation in this respect now and in the future.