History of Scholarshome

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Scholarshome is an English-medium school and college with six campuses located in and around the city of Sylhet, Bangladesh. The six campuses are: Shahi Eidgah, Scholarshome Girls school and College in Pathantula, Scholarshome Preparatory school in Shibganj, Scholarshome Preparatory School in Electric Supply Road, Scholarshome School and College in Mejortila, and Scholarshome Preparatory School in South Surma.

Shahi Eidgah Campus

Scholarshome Shahi Eidgah started its activities in 2002 and shifted to its own building at Shahi Eidgah on 1 March 2006. The Shahi Eidgah Campus is able to accommodate 1,500 students. The six-storeyed building constructed by the Trust facilities the students with all modern amenities. It has three science laboratories, departments, a library, a computer lab, 40 classes, an administrative block, and an auditorium-cum exhibition centre. It has already been recognised as the best English-medium school in Sylhet under National Curriculum.

Shibgonj Campus

Scholarshome Shibgonj Campus is the third campus of Scholarshome,Sylhet.It is the largest campus of Scholarshome,Sylhet.It was opened on 2009. The Shibgonj Campus is able to accommodate 1000 students.The four stored building has 16 class,a computer lab,a library,a exhibition centre,a waiting room and four teachers lounge.The campus is welly known for its good result in the P.S.C exam of class 5.

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