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The Scholarshome

‘SCHOLARSHOME’ is an English Medium school/college located in Sylhet, a North-Eastern district of Bangladesh. It offers courses from Playgroup to Class V in the Preparatory section (Pre-primary) though Class VI to Class X in the Secondary section and Class XI to Class XII in the Higher Secondary section. ‘SCHOLARSHOME’ offers National Curriculum of the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh. Students taking the following Public Examinations via (i) School Final Completion Examination at the end of Class V (ii) Junior School Certification (JSC) examination at the end of class VIII (iii) Secondary School Certificate examination (S.S.C) at the end of Class X and (iv) Higher Secondary School Certificate examination (H.S.C) at the end of Class XII accredited by the Sylhet Education Board. ‘SCHOLARSHOME’ is a project of Hafiz Mazumdar Trust. An eminent educationalist, philanthropist, and parliamentarian Hafiz Ahmed Mazumdar MP set up the Trust in 1985. There are now 4(four) campuses located in Electric Supply Road (PG –Class V), Shibganj (PG –Class V), Shahi Eidgah (Class VI –XII for Boys&Girls) and in Pathantula (Class VI –XII for Girls only). Pathantula campus has hostel facilities. Current enrolment is 4500 with well capacity to accommodate 5500 students & nearly 300 qualified teachers mostly with graduate and postgraduate qualifications. Teachers receive regular in-service training towards improvement of their teaching skills. ‘SCHOLARSHOME’ aims to extend its academic functions to incorporate university level education leading to with graduate/postgraduate programme in the future. Academic sessions start from January and end in December. Whereas higher secondary starts from July to June. Please watch our short video clip at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=271juouL1K8

Welcome to Scholarshome

I am deeply delighted to welcome you all to our new website of Scholarshome which is being launched very recently. As the Founder Chairman of the Trust I invite you to share your valuable advices to enhance our curriculum with regards to our quality of teaching as well as quality of learning by our students.  This partnership will enable us to reach our desired objectives of creating true leaderships.   With my warmest wishes to you all.   Hafiz Ahmed Mazumdar MP Founder Chairman Hafiz Mazumdar Trust

The official Scholarsho...

It gives me profound pleasure to welcome you to the official Scholarshome website.  The website has been developed to provide useful information with regard to our curricular programmes, courses, academic calendar,  co-curricular activities, news letters, various events etc which are now accessible to the parents, students, stake holders and other visitors to the site. Scholarshome was established in 2002 with a view to offering an excellent learning environment with a wide range of challenging academic programmes that suits every student. The Trustee Board, academic and the support staff are all committed to establishing an environment that ensures the students to flourish and grow socially, emotionally and most intellectually. Our website will be updated as and when required to provide updated notices and other news items.  So, please visit our website to find more about  Scholarshome. Professor Dr. Kabir H Choudhury Chairman of the Academic Council Scholarshome

A valuable source of sc...

It gives me great pleasure, to welcome you to the official website of SCHOLARSHOME. This website has been prepared in the hope that it will become a valuable source of school news and timely information for parents, students, and visitors to the site. This website has been developed to enable everyone to become familiar with our school, its policies, and other procedures that are basic for the smooth functioning of our school, as well as to provide you with updated school news, schedules and events. Our school has a very long tradition,discipline and our staff takes great pride in providing a safe and secure learning environment, while at the same time offering a wide array of exciting and challenging academic programs. Brigadier General Jubayer Siddique (Retd) Principal SCHOLARSHOME Shahi Eidgah

Mission Statement

At Scholarshome we recognise that each child is an individual, active and creative; that all children need to succeed for which a therapeutic and a good learning environment is required.  We stress the need for total development of each child in his/her moral, spiritual, social, emotional and physical activities.


I solemnly swear in the name of Allah that I will follow the rules of discipline of the school, obey and respect my teachers and superiors.I pledge to build up myself as a good citizen of this country I love.May Allah help us all.


  Summer Season Winter Season  Girls:   Class IV to Class XII  1.Navy blue Kameez with shirt collar 2. White cross-belt 3. White belt 4. White Salwar 5. White Socks 6. Black Shoes 7. Shoulder badge 1.Same as summer with Navy blue Cardigan  Girls:  ClassI to Class III 1.Nave blue skirt 2. White Shirt with SCHOLARSHOME sticker 3. White Socks(long) 4. Black Shoes 5. Shoulder badge 6. Tie 1.Same as summer with Navy blue Cardigan   Boys:    Class I to Class VI     1.  White Shirt with SCHOLARSHOME sticker 2. Black Full- Pant 3. Tie 4. White Socks 5. Black Shoes 6. Shoulder badge  7. Black Belt 1.Same as Summer with Navy blue Jumper


Parent-Teacher meeting is essential to monitor the progress or lack of progress of a student. We note with serious concern that some parents did not /could not attend the meeting. Our observations for students’ failure are the following major reasons: o      Poor attendance: (excepting for the medical reason a fine of Tk. 100/- per day’s absence will be imposed henceforth. Absentees will be asked to learn their missed lessons after their return during the break time) o      Addiction to the TV/Satellite programmes some of which are not at all helpful. o      Use of mobile phone particularly during study hours. o      Addiction to computer games during homework hours. At Scholarshome we will ensure that all students pass in all the subjects at all the time. However, parental support in achieving this objective is absolutely essential. We will appreciate your co-operation in this respect now and in the future.


ACADEMIC CALENDAR-2016 S/No Events Date and Day No. of Holidays 01 First Term starts 3rd  January, Sunday   02 Fateha -E -Yazdaham 22nd  January, Friday 01 03 Annual Sports 2nd, 3rd & 4th February, (Tuesday- Thursday)   04 Swaraswati Puja 13th  February, Saturday 01 05 Extempore Speech Competition  of Class III -V 18th  February, Thursday   06 International Mother Language day 21st  February, Sunday   07 Maghi Purnima 22nd  February,  Monday 01 08 Shiv Ratri 7th  March, Monday 01 09 B.B Birth Day & Art Competition of Class I - V 17th  March, Thursday   10 Dol Jatra 23rd  March, Wednesday 01 11 Independence Day 26th  March, Saturday   12 Ester Sunday 27th  March, Sunday 01 13 Science Fair 31st  March, Thursday   14 Cultural Competition of Class  I – V  ( Song, Dance, Recitation, Reading, Spelling )  5th April, Tuesday  --- 7th April, Thursday   15 Bengali New Year 14th  April, Thursday   16 Colouring Competition of PG -KG II 28th  April, Thursday   17 May Day 1st  May, Sunday 01 18 Shab E Meraj 5th  May, Thursday 01 19 Summer Vacation 7th May, Saturday - 16th May,  Monday 10 20 Buddha Purnima 21st  May, Saturday 01 21 Shab – E - Barat 23rd  May, Monday 01 22 Ramadan & Eid Holiday 7th  June, , Tuesday  - 10th  July, Sunday 34 23 Hand writing Competition of  Class I - V 17th  July, Sunday   24 National Mourning Day 15th  August, Monday - 25 Janmasthami 25th  August, Thursday 01 26 Hand writing Competition of  KG I – KG II 7th  September, Wednesday   27 Eid – Ul - Azha 8th September, Thursday- 18th September, Sunday 11 28 Hijri Nabobarsha 3rd  October, Monday 01 29 Spelling Competition of  KG I – KG II 4th   October, Tuesday   30 Durga Puja & Laxmi Puja 8th October, Saturday -  15th  October, Saturday 08 31 Kali Puja 29th  October, Saturday 01 32 Rhymes Competition  of PG – KG II 10th  November, Thursday   33 Akheri- Cahar - Shomba 30th  November, Wednesday 01 34 Eid – E - Miladunnabi 12th December, Monday 01 35 Victory Day 16th  December, Friday   36 Winter Vacation 17th  December, Saturday -26th  December, Monday 10

Exams 2016

Exams Tentative Dates Results (Tentative dates) First Term Exam  of Class I-V 18th  April, Monday – 28th  April, Thursday 19th  May, Thursday Second Term Exam of Class I-V 21st August, Sunday  -- 31st August, Wednesday 7th  September, Wednesday Half Yearly Exam of KG I & KG II 1st June, Wednesday  ---  6th  June, Monday 13th  July, Wednesday Model Test  of  Class V 1st  October, Saturday - 6th  October, Thursday 20th  October, Thursday School Final  Exam of Class V 1st  November, Thursday – 8th  November, Tuesday 17th  November, Thursday Annual Exam of Class I-V 1st  December, Thursday - 11th  December, Sunday 28th  December, Wednesday Annual Exam of PG – KG II 1st  December, Thursday – 6th  December, Tuesday 28th  December, Wednesday

Scholarshome Parents’ ...

Exams Classes Tentative Dates   1st Term I & II 25th  May, Wednesday III-V 26th  May, Thursday Half Yearly Exam KG I &KG II 18th  May, Wednesday   2nd  Term I & II 21st  September, Wednesday III,IV & V 22nd  September, Thursday     Annual Exam KG I & KG II 15th  November, Tuesday Playgroup 14th  November, Monday I-II 16th  November, Wednesday III - V                                                    17th  November, Thursday

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